Jefferson Awards Foundation

We Power Those Who Change the World

We believe in public service. Not just because it improves communities, but because it changes the lives of those who participate. It offers leadership skills that propel success in school and throughout life. We believe so strongly in the power of public service that we promote it every way we know how. We honor outstanding Americans who are making a difference with Jefferson Awards, inspiring others to act. We help companies engage their communities and celebrate their employees who give back. We also provide young people with the tools they need to make the difference they seek. Our mission is to power others to have maximum impact on the things they care about most. 

It’s our hope that every American will realize their potential to impact lives, and in the process, improve their own. Public service is the pathway to stronger communities and self-fulfillment – and we’re here to build it.

Host Committee


Kristine Sorensen
E.J. Donnelly III, M.D


Traci & Phil Beard
Evelyn Castillo & Kevin Kraemer
Christie Cawley Knott
Angela Colaizzi
Kate Dewey
Gregg Dietz
Jonathan Eaton
David Esch & Eleni Houghton
Colleen Fedor
Amanda Fisher
Evan Frazier

Heather & Jim Froehlich
Natalie and Andy Gillespie
Julia Gleason
Myla Granadino
Jodi S. Klebick
Tracy Lawless
Megan Livingston
Carol Luckner & Troy Cady
John & Tracy Mahood
Chris McAneny

Jim McDonald
Patti Michaud
Katie Oldaker
Todd Owens & Jami Rutherford
Martin Potoczny
Jonathan D. Shimko
Beth Staples Tiffany
Dave Tinker, CFRE, FAFP
Peggy Smyrnes-Williams, Esq.
& Karl E. Williams